Welcome to the SR team, Julia Locke!

  • April 30, 2019
  • Steve Wisinski, CPA, MAFF
Staff Accountant Julia Locke

Julia Locke has joined ShindelRock full-time as a Staff Accountant after a successful internship position! We’re thrilled to continue to see our one-time interns become part of our permanent team here at ShindelRock.

Julie says her internship at ShindelRock during the 2019 tax season was a “really positive experience because I wasn’t doing ‘filler work’; it was a meaty, real world experience helping people get their taxes done.” She liked watching the firm react to changes in tax code this year and seeing how flexible the team could be. She says: “I stayed on at ShindelRock because everyone was really great to work with.  I’m always busy, but not doing the same thing for the same clients day in and day out.   

Julia sees her career progressing at ShindelRock, where she has the encouragement and space to grow in her professional pursuits. “I’m preparing to take the CPA exam while working at ShindelRock, and it’s great because two other colleagues and I are taking a prep course and formed a study group. Everyone at ShindelRock has been very helpful, offering advice on how to complete the credit hours needed for the exam and how to study effectively. I don’t feel like I’m in it alone, which is great!”

If you’d like to apply for ShindelRock’s intern program, send an email to Mark Hughes at [email protected].