Are you the fiduciary (legal owner/manager) of an asset, or group of assets belonging to someone else? Along with this responsibility comes a great deal of tax and accounting responsibility, with state and federal tax return preparation, meeting distribution guidelines, and periodic reports about the assets’ stewardship to beneficiaries of the trust and estate and, in some cases, to the court as well. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain good records which will enable the fiduciary to prepare these reports and also provide protection in case any actions are questioned.

ShindelRock guides trust and estate fiduciaries through the overwhelming process of interpreting the directives outlined in the estate and trust documents. We also prepare the tax returns, trust accounting, and other forms or elections that may be required. Our free, no obligation consultation offers you a needs analysis to determine what level of participation you will need in the tax and accounting process and assures that you will get the maximum benefit from the resources applied to your trust and estate tax and accounting work.

Perhaps you don’t have a trust or estate plan and you’re not sure if you need one? Confused about the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust? Consult us and, in collaboration with trusted estate attorneys and financial planners, we will we ensure your trust and estate planning needs are covered.

ShindelRock provides all trust and estate tax and accounting services you may need, including:

  • Estate and income tax planning
  • Trust or estate income tax return preparations
  • Trust funding and beneficiary distribution requirements
  • Fiduciary accounting for the beneficiaries or probate court
  • Beneficiary designation and elections for IRAs and other retirement plan assets