At ShindelRock, we’ve partnered with Metro Detroit business owners for more than 25 years to provide outsourced CFO services, and we know how to quickly implement and execute a sound financial strategy. Our CPAs are experienced at acting as the CFO of a growing company, offering accounting services, budgeting, income projections, compensation model development, agreement or partnership evaluations, internal controls improvement, and finding new ways to improve profitability.

Finding insights and helping owners set strategy based on complex financial data, in a relationship tailored to meet your growing business’ needs.  We can help you quickly understand how your company compares to competitors in our geographic region, as well as to the best-run businesses in your industry.

If you’d rather build your team internally through hiring, we can help you develop job descriptions and promote open positions, screen and vet applicants, and interview promising candidates as well.

Gain a partner who can grow your business alongside you, one who brings the financial expertise and knowledge to round out your management team: the CPAs at ShindelRock.