Spring Cleaning Treasures

It’s that time of the year again–spring cleaning.  If you are like me, it is not enjoyable.  It might be the garage, the basement, the kid’s toys or your closet.  Before you just start filling up garbage bags with unwanted stuff and haul it to the curb, stop and examine those items that you longer want.  Some of them might be “Treasures.”  “Treasures” sometimes can equal “Tax Deductions”.

Treasures would be those items that are in “good used condition”, the definition that the Internal Revenue Service uses to describe items that qualify for “Non Cash Charitable Contributions”.

As you are going through the cleaning process, make two piles – one that’s truly trash-dump worthy and the other that can be donated to charity.  Make a list of the items being donated and the call your favorite charity to pick up the items or delivery them to the charity.  However, most importantly, make sure you obtain receipt from the charity.  Save your receipt and really “clean up” next April 15th!

Wow!  Maybe I have found a way to make Spring Cleaning a more pleasurable task with a reduction in my income tax liability!