ShindelRock in Detroit, Year One

  • May 26, 2016
  • Steve Wisinski, CPA, MAFF

dimeWe recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of our ShindelRock office in downtown Detroit.  With tax season behind us, I thought it might be a good time to give a quick update on the exciting things we’re seeing, and a little about my personal experience working with clients and volunteering in the Detroit business community.

There is an energy in the city that is recent and is like nothing else in this area. There are new people and longtime residents opening businesses and creating new jobs in new industries. There is high tech and more traditional manufacturing, all being done in new and different ways.  We understand that new energy and want to help foster this growth and make it vital and lasting. That’s why I’ve been exploring the city and its businesses, sometimes even donating my time to helping these new owners understand what is needed to be done when running a business. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs through Techtown, I’m hoping to teach a class at BUILD, and I’m advising exciting new Detroit brands like Detroit Denim and Floyd Leg.  It’s a great time to grow a business in Detroit!

Our office in Detroit is in the historic DIME Building on Griswold St. in the heart of downtown.  It’s a vibrant scene down there and we’d love to show you around!  Or, if you’re downtown and want to meet for coffee, please let me know!  We’d love to hear YOUR plans for getting your business (old or new!) involved in Detroit’s very real, very exciting renaissance.  Join us!