Meet the SR team: Adriana Markovich, Certified QuickBooks Advisor

  • May 1, 2012
  • Steve Wisinski, CPA, MAFF

A monthly series introducing you to a ShindelRock teammate…this month, we meet Adriana Markovich, Certified QuickBooks Advisor and Paraprofessional.

What is a Quickbooks advisor?  What specifically do you offer clients?

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are typically CPAs, accountants, advisors or consultants who have been tested and certified on QuickBooks by Intuit.  I help clients set up QuickBooks bookkeeping software, train them on how to use it, and make myself available for follow up questions and troubleshooting.

How/why did you get certified? 

My “love affair” with QuickBooks began when it was Quicken – a small, easy to use program for small businesses and personal bookkeeping.  Later, when Intuit developed QuickBooks, I used it while working as an Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a dental office.  I found it easy to use and my natural curiosity made it easy for me to test it and use it to its limit.  Years later, when I started working for ShindelRock, because of my knowledge and love of this program, I was asked to become certified.  Since 2004, every year I have to study and pass a certification exam, one that is very detailed and intensive.  The average time spent on study and passing the test each year is 16-20 hours.

What type of clients do you help and what are their typical needs or problems?

I mostly help set up and train medical office personnel.  Since I was in “their shoes” at one time, I find it easy to anticipate their needs and problems that may arise and always look at the big picture.  I begin with the basics–writing checks, making deposits, bank reconciliations–and teach them how to use this information by introducing them to the variety of reports available.  I use QuickBooks as a tool to teach them business processes, internal controls and proper cash flow management.

How long have you been with ShindelRock? What do you like about your job?

I have worked at ShindelRock for nine years, and truthfully, I love everything about my job! First and foremost, I love the management’s work-life approach with us.  We work hard, but we also have families and other commitments that give our life a healthy balance.  Our staff is hand-picked and we all get along, without any “back-stabbing” found in many small-medium size offices.  We work closely together and respect one another, which is important.  I love the variety of work I do, there’s never a dull moment!  But my most favorite thing about my job is training our clients on QuickBooks – when I see it in their eyes that “oh wow, I get it!”, it makes all the difference in the world.  Maybe I am a teacher at heart…

What is your background, educational and professional? 

I studied dentistry, computer programmer and finally, accounting at Cleary Business College, Washtenaw Community College and Oakland Community College.  I worked in dentistry for about 16 years as a dental assistant, Accounts Receivable Manager, and Office Manager/Bookkeeper.  For the past 15 years I worked in Public Accounting.

Tell us about your life away from ShindelRock (including where you are from since clients might detect an accent!)

I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania.  When I was 18 years old, my family relocated to United States, due to religious persecution. I love to cook for my family, and I love reading just about anything.  My idea of a lazy day is being on a beach with a good book.  I tinker with stained glass -I love starting with a few pieces of colored glass, and turning them into something beautiful, and sometimes useful, such as a lamp or jewelry box. I am passionate about what God has done in my life and try to give back by volunteering at church and in the community.  Also, for the past four years I have been volunteering for Accounting Aid Society, which is helping low to middle income households with income tax filing.