Meet the SR Staff: Josh Hilton, Intern

We get to know Josh Hilton, a recent graduate of Madonna University, as he joins our ShindelRock team as a Summer 2023 intern:

What are you doing during your internship at ShindelRock? What do you hope to come away with at the end of the summer?

I have begun working on a few different types of tax returns. I hope to see a little more work on the audit side of the profession since I am unfamiliar with much of that work. Additionally, I hope to see if I can help out on some forensic accounting and litigation work.

What do you love about public accounting, what drew you to the profession and keeps you here?

I enjoy public accounting because I feel like there is a larger variety of situations and hang ups that will always keep even expert CPAs learning something new. The movie “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks is what drew me to accounting. I watched it in my accounting class in high school and the idea of tracking down someone committing fraud seemed like a very cool concept to me. Ever since that day, I have wanted to go into the forensic accounting field.

How did you choose ShindelRock, and what characteristics of a good place to work did you see in ShindelRock and the people?

ShindelRock first came on my radar from my school job search assisting platform (Handshake).  I think everyone from the partners down to staff and other interns are very approachable and always open to give assistance or even just chat. It is a very welcoming culture here at ShindelRock.

What is your background, college and degree plans, etc.?

I went to high school in a small town named St. Clair, then I went out to college in Livonia at Madonna University. While at Madonna, I was a student-athlete playing lacrosse all four years. I now have my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Madonna, with a certificate in forensic accounting. I am currently taking summer graduate-level courses in order to obtain my MBA. After I do that I would like to begin working full time at a CPA firm while I prepare to take and pass the CPA exam.