Meet our SR Intern: Kendall Reid

  • January 4, 2024
  • ShindelRock

Kendall Reid is a junior at Central Michigan University, majoring in accounting.  She joined ShindelRock as a 2024 tax season intern, where she is assisting the ShindelRock tax professionals with return preparation and organizing.

What are you doing during your internship at ShindelRock? What do you hope to come away with at the end of the season?

I’m preparing important tax documents and just generally learning about the tax process for all different types of entities. I hope to be more confident in my understanding of the tax process by the time I’m done here!

What drew you to accounting as a future profession? 

The biggest thing that draws me to public accounting is the mix between math and people. I have a passion for both, and I like the fact that with public accounting, I’m constantly developing new relationships while continuing my age-old love for math.

How did you choose ShindelRock, and what characteristics of a good place to work did you see in ShindelRock and the people?

I initially talked with ShindelRock at a career fair at Central Michigan University, and the first thing that stuck out was how personable they were. Upon beginning work here, I found that everyone was excited to make me feel welcome and help me in any way I needed. I like that the firm is small enough to make me feel valued, even as an intern, but large enough to have plenty to do.

What is your background, college and degree plans, etc.?

I originally went to college to pursue a degree in both Psychology and Sociology and switched my major to Accounting after two years. I expect to graduate with 150 credits so that I can sit for the CPA exam immediately after finishing my Bachelor’s degree!