Income Tax Credit for Working Families Checks will be Sent in Early 2024

Michigan families will receive Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (Michigan EITC) for Working Families checks ahead of schedule, beginning February 13, 2024. The administration is taking steps to send the checks to more than 700,000 Michigan households, putting an average of $550 back into Michiganders’ pockets.

What is the Michigan EITC?

Beginning February 13, 2024, the Whitmer Administration will mail checks to Michigan families who qualified for the Michigan EITC as a part of their 2022 tax return. The checks will be the difference between the 6% tax credit Michiganders received on their tax return and the 30% that is owed to them under the new law. Based on data from last year’s returns, Michiganders should expect to receive an additional $550 on average.

Why are Michiganders Receiving Additional Checks?

While the legislation was intended to provide Michiganders with the tax credit earlier this year, some lawmakers blocked a procedural vote, delaying the tax credit for a full year. As a result, the Whitmer Administration retained the funding to begin distributing when the law fully takes effect on February 13, 2024, meaning Michiganders will get the money that was owed to them.

Additionally, eligible Michiganders should still apply for the expanded tax credit if they meet the criteria this year. It is possible for Michiganders to receive both the additional Michigan EITC check from their 2022 tax return and also receive the full 30% tax credit on their 2023 tax filing when they file next year.

How do Michiganders Receive their Check?

The Michigan Department of Treasury will automatically process checks for Michiganders who submitted their 2022 tax return and confirmed eligibility for the additional state credit. Checks will be mailed on a rolling basis as soon as they are printed. It is estimated to take between five to six weeks to print and distribute all payments.

Eligible Michiganders do not need to submit any additional paperwork to receive the tax credit. However, if an individual has moved frequently or recently and has concerns about their address accuracy, Michiganders can manually update it online.

About the Michigan ETIC

The Michigan EITC is a tax benefit for working individuals with income below a certain level. The Michigan EITC provides a tax credit up to $2,080 for tax year 2022 and $2,229 for tax year 2023. The eligible credit amount depends on several factors – including your income, filing status, number of “qualifying children,” and disability status.

If you have questions about the Michigan ETIC, please contact your ShindelRock tax professional.