Don’t postpone your financial physical

Although they’re easy to put off, your annual health physical is an important time to assess your overall physical health and uncover looming health issues before they become dangerous.  In a similar way, a financial physical can give you a clear picture of your financial health today and identify potential challenges to plan for in the future.

The close of tax season is an ideal time to schedule your financial physical; we have just prepared your tax return and have in-depth knowledge of your finances.  We will help determine where you stand financially and where you might be in ten years or at retirement.  We also can project what, if any, estate tax issues you may face and make suggestions as to how to minimize estate taxes.  Other issues to consider in planning your financial well being:

  • Are your wills and trust updated?
  • Do you need (or no longer need) guardianship provisions for your minor children?
  • Do you have a patient advocate authority?
  • Do you have a living will
  • Do you have a durable power of attorney?
  • Are your life insurance policies adequate?
  • Should you purchase disability insurance?
  • Do your titled assets agree with your will and trust?
  • Where do you place important financial documents? In safe deposit box, attorney, file cabinet?
  • Have you told someone where these documents are kept, should some event arise that one of them be needed?

No doubt you will need a team of professionals to assist you in putting your financial house in order.  A good team will consist of an attorney, financial planner, insurance agent, banker and accountant. We can coordinate the team and assist you in achieving your financial goals.  Don’t put off this important check-up–call your ShindelRock client service manager today to schedule your financial physical.