Meet our Intern: Daron Hebeler

Daron Hebeler is a recent graduate of Michigan Technological University, majoring in accounting.  He joined ShindelRock as a 2024 summer intern, where he is assisting the ShindelRock tax professionals with accounting and tax matters, as well as investigating data-driven process solutions for the firm.

Q: How did you choose ShindelRock, and what characteristics of a good place to intern did you see in ShindelRock?

A: I think my answer to this question is a bit unique. Having just graduated in December of 2023 from Michigan Technological University (MTU), I was looking to put myself to the test with the skills and knowledge I had acquired. In this pursuit, a great friend of mine mentioned that ShindelRock was looking for interns for the summer and that they thought I would be a perfect fit. I took their word for it and cold-emailed my resume and a brief description of who I was and what I was looking for. And it all worked out!

From my time here thus far, ShindelRock has the potential to be an incredibly influential and valuable experience that could help shape the trajectory of my career. I say this because from Day One, ShindelRock has provided me with so many avenues to learn and develop the skills that I want to pursue while providing guidance and support. I see this as a positive sign that interning here will be a great experience, and it has me excited!

Q: What do you expect to work on during your internship at ShindelRock? What do you hope to come away with at the end of the season?

A: During my time at ShindelRock, I look forward to learning how the accounting professionals here “Go Beyond” for their clients. I expect to optimize and automate the steps and processes in how the professionals here meet their clients’ needs. At the end of the season, I hope that I can add new “tools” to my skillset and have a better understanding of how traditional accounting services are offered and how to improve them on both the client and servicer ends.

Q: What drew you to study accounting, and what makes you excited about the profession?

A: To put it simply, there were three things that drew me to study accounting: people, numbers, and technology. I have always found joy in interacting with others, so I knew that I wanted to go into a field where I had the opportunity to engage with people on a daily basis. I also knew that I wanted to deal with numbers, equations, and data in general as I found myself acclimated to creating and interpreting data in various contexts.

Pairing these two factors with my passion for technology, the field of accounting satisfies all these factors and more. It has been exciting to see all the advancements and developments introduced into the field and I am more than excited to see how I can make my own impact.

Q: What is your background, college/major and graduation plans, etc.?

A: As I mentioned earlier, I recently graduated from MTU and have been excited to begin paving the path for my career. I just moved to the Detroit area, and I see so much potential for professional and personal growth. Soon, I plan to return to school to obtain a master’s degree and begin preparing for what lies in store for me.