Welcome new Staff Accountant Olivia Metcalfe!

We’re thrilled to welcome (or rather, welcome back!) Olivia Metcalfe, our 2023 Spring Tax Season Intern who was recently hired on full-time as a Staff Accountant!  Olivia is a 2022 graduate of Wayne State University and comes from a family of CPAs.

Olivia says: “When my internship was coming to an end, I thought about it possibly being the end of my time at ShindelRock and it made me a bit sad, in all honesty. The people here are so knowledgeable, and I’d learned so much, I really wanted to continue my career here. When I was offered a full-time position, it wasn’t a hard decision to make!

I’ve learned so much in my first few months here, and while I still have a lot more to learn, I’m excited about continuing that growth here with people who really care about me and the future of my career as an accountant. Now that tax season has ended, I get to learn about everything else accountants do, and being exposed to multiple different areas is something I’ve always wanted–there’s just so many paths in this industry! Overall, I’m looking forward to my future here as a part of the ShindelRock team, and to know the rest of the team was excited about me coming on full-time just confirmed the choice I had made was the right one.”