The Top Eight Rules of Networking

Recently, the article “The Top Eight Rules of Networking” was shown on the home page of my LinkedIn account.  This got me thinking that at some point, everyone needs to network.  Some people network for a living, while others need to network for a new career; however, the fundamentals are the same and everyone should know how to network. 

I am reposting this article in an effort to spread the word regarding “The Top Eight Rules of Networking”, which are:

  1. Have a Solid Introduction
  2. Don’t Confuse People with Your Pitch
  3. Don’t Tell a Sob Story
  4. Spend More Time Listening Than Talking
  5. Avoid Being Socially Inept
  6. Don’t Overstay Your Welcome
  7. Hand out Your Business Card, Not Your Resume
  8. Follow Up and Through

ShindelRock works hard to build professional relationships through networking that can benefit our clients who need referrals or service augmentation.   Please contact us if you have any questions or networking needs. 

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