Ten questions every business owner should ask before hiring a CPA firm

Ten questions every business owner should ask before hiring a new CPA firm:

  1. How long has the firm been in business? Demonstrated longevity and stability are important factors to consider.
  2. What is the experience of the staff members who will be working on my account?  You should know their years of experience, certifications, etc.
  3. What does your typical client look like?  Find out if they have clients in a similar industry, or those with similar needs to yours.
  4. What levels of attestation services do you provide?  Regardless of your needs today, your business may evolve to eventually need a compilation, review, audit, or other type of attestation service.  Knowing you can grow with the firm is critical.
  5. What is your fee structure?  Make sure the schedule includes rates for different staff and service levels.
  6. How do you bill for phone calls and other questions throughout the year?  If precise time billing for small questions will bother you, negotiate a fixed fee ahead of time for a pre-determined level of service that’s fair to both you and the firm.
  7. What are your typical office hours? Availability is critical, and you’ll need to know how to get ahold of your accounting should an after-hours emergency arise.
  8. Do you have experience with other states or foreign taxing authorities?  As your markets expand, you may need to expand your tax responsibilities.  Ensure your CPA firm can continue to help you as your business grows.
  9. Are you paperless?  Find out what technologies the firm uses to make communication and compliance easier for their clients.
  10. What do you expect from me as the client?  Enter into the relationship with clear expectations.

If your business is considering hiring a new CPA firm, ShindelRock can grow with you!  Contact a ShindelRock partner today to start the conversation and answer these and other important questions you may have.