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SR IN THE NEWS: “ShindelRock grows staff & revenues, plans internship program”

 I’m thankful to Jon Zemke at Metromode for featuring ShindelRock in his Oakland County Innovation and Job News column.  The article, “ShindelRock grows staff & revenues, plans internship program [1]“, highlighted our plans for growth, which is always positive and something we are excited about. 

As the article states, we do have plans for hiring additional talented staff based on that growth.  To clarify though, I had discussed with him our desire to hire someone “green” out of college and give them the opportunity to learn the profession through our way of doing things (not quite an internship program).  Further,  I think our staff has done a tremendous amount of “growing” over the last five years and I’d like to think we’ll “continue”, not “start” that process.

While we do see ourselves as competitors to larger CPA firms, I’m not sure I highlighted any one specific firm.  Indeed, we think ShindelRock offers a completely unique value proposition–unquestionably good client service on even the thorniest and most complex business engagements at a cost that mid-level firms can’t compete with.  We hope you agree–if you have excellent client service from ShindelRock, tell us about it!  More importantly, if you haven’t, tell us about it!  We look forward to hearing from you.