Special Guest Author Barry Demp: Stress Management Techniques For The Workplace

Owners and managers can encounter very stressful events in the workplace.  In order to help reduce these “workplace stressors”, try one or more of the following stress management techniques:

  1. Conduct “standing meetings.”  When someone enters your office, consider conducting your meeting in a standing position.  This will let the person know that you have very limited time.  Also, consider conducting a “walking meeting,” in which issues are discussed while walking.
  2. Learn the difference between the “urgent” and the “important” and make time for the latter.  What are two or three important areas of your life that you never seem to have time for?
  3. Let your actions spring from your personal goals and values.
  4. Eat your “elephant” one bite at a time.  Break up your big projects into little projects.
  5. Rewarding yourself for reaching a particular goal will help reinforce the behaviors you are developing.

Barry Demp is a highly-skilled Michigan Business and Personal coach focused on the areas of leadership, management, coaching, team-building, networking, business development, communication skills, relationship building, motivation, time management, life balance, and goal achievement. He specializes in working with business owners, executives, coaches, consultants, and high-potential professionals by helping them significantly increase their productivity, profitability, and life balance.  For more information or assistance, please contact Barry Demp at 248-740-3231 or visit www.dempcoaching.com.