Some IRS notices may be temporarily suspended, agency advises

  • February 11, 2022
  • ShindelRock

While the Internal Revenue Service works through a return and correspondence backlog, the agency has notified taxpayers it will not send certain letters and notices, including the mailing of automated collection notices normally issued when a taxpayer owes additional tax, and the IRS has no record of a taxpayer filing a tax return; balance due notices; and unfiled tax return notices.

The IRS entered this filing season with several million original and amended returns filed by individuals and businesses that have not been processed due to challenges of the historic pandemic and is taking this step to help avoid confusion for taxpayers and tax professionals.  Some taxpayers and tax professionals may still receive these notices during the next few weeks. Generally, there is no need to call or respond to the notice as the IRS continues to process prior year tax returns as quickly as possible, but please contact your ShindelRock tax professional if you have any questions.