Michigan businesses can use MI Workshare program to bring back employees flexibly

With businesses starting to open up, Michigan is strongly encouraging businesses to consider using the MI Workshare program to start bringing employees back on a part-time basis as things ramp up.  It can be a win-win for the employer and employee, as it allows the employer to flexibly reopen her business while the employee can continue to collect the $600 federal portion of their unemployment and a reduced portion of their Michigan unemployment (of which the maximum is $362/week).  In some cases, maybe many, the employee will earn more than they were on just unemployment.

Employees eligible are those that are working between 40% and 90% of their normal hours. The employer will have weekly or semi-weekly certification filings with the state.  Any hours “brought back” will help the employer with their PPP forgiveness calculations.

The MI WorkShare week runs Sunday through Saturday. After two weeks of Workshare, employers will submit a Certification Template to the UIA reporting those employees who have worked reduced in hours/pay.

It is important that all employees expecting to receive benefits log into the Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) and add their direct deposit information.  If this is not done ahead of time, a debit card will be issued on their behalf and could take longer to be distributed by the UIA.

If you’d like more details about how the MI Workshare program might help your small business, contact your ShindelRock accounting professional or schedule an initial consultation here.