Meet the SR Staff: Tiara Clanton, Intern

  • January 16, 2023
  • ShindelRock

We get to know Tiara Clanton, a recent graduate of Western Michigan University, as she joins our ShindelRock team as a Tax Season 2022 intern:

What are you doing during your internship at ShindelRock? What do you hope to come away with at the end of the season?

During my internship, I have been gathering information regarding new software we are using to send out tax organizers to our clients. I have also started doing 1099s, which has been very interesting to learn. After this internship, I hope to get an offer from ShindelRock and continue working with everyone after the tax season!

What do you love about public accounting, what drew you to the profession and keeps you here? 

After taking an accounting class at Cass Technical High School, I knew I wanted to be an accountant. I remember going different events where I learned about CPAs and what I had to do to become one. After going to college and having multiple internships, I love that I have the opportunity to help people.

How did you choose ShidelRock, and what characteristics of a good place to work did you see in ShindelRock and the people?

I chose ShindelRock because I loved the interview and I like how they explained that this will be a learning process for me and they are willing to walk me through anything I have trouble with. I believe first impressions are everything and they showed me that I will fit right in at ShindelRock.

What is your background, college, and degree plans, etc.?

I am 22 years old and am from Detroit. I recently graduated from Western Michigan University with my bachelor’s in business administration degree, with a concentration in Accountancy. I plan to go back to school to obtain my master’s degree and also take the CPA license exam.