Meet the SR Team: Carla Striker

  • February 12, 2015
  • Kelly O'Donnell

carlaYou’re a Staff Accountant at ShindelRock–tell us about what you do for clients.

My days are filled with tax projections, tax returns and financial statement preparation.  I am also helping clients with their bookkeeping needs.

What do you like about your job and the work you get to do?

I love accounting and I love working with the wonderful people of ShindelRock.  I enjoy working on the variety of projects that I’ve been given thus far.  It’s a lot of fun to learn the different procedures and particulars of each client.  Every client is special and is treated as such here at ShindelRock.  I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with one client who has a short term need for a replacement bookkeeper.  It’s been really great seeing accounting from a different perspective.  It’s given me an appreciation for what our clients go through on a daily basis.

How long have you been with ShindelRock? What attracted you to the firm?

I’ve been with ShindelRock almost 2 months.  The best part about working here is the people.  Everyone is so nice and helpful.  They only want you to be successful.  It’s not a competitive environment, it’s a learning environment and everyone is in it this together for the betterment of our business and that of our clients.  I was nervous coming here after working for over 8 years for the same firm but it’s the best thing I’ve done.  I’ve found a true home that I can grow with.  I’m absolutely thrilled to come to work EVERY day.

What is your background, educational and professional?

I graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration.  I love hotel administration.  It suits my personality but I love numbers too.  After having my first child, I knew that the life of a Hotel Manager wasn’t going to work so I went back to school and got my masters in accounting.  I still get to serve clients but in a different way and I have the opportunity to help people grow their business which is very exciting to me.

Anything interesting you like to do outside work?

I’m a single mom so that fills the most of my free time.  I have two amazing girls who are busy with their instruments, basketball, track, soccer, volleyball, and swimming.  We go on bike rides and travel a lot.  We’re always planning our next adventure.