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In Memory of Gayle O’Brien, CPA, Partner Emeritus at ShindelRock

[1]Gayle O’Brien, CPA, partner emeritus at ShindelRock, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.  We are heartbroken by this loss; Gayle meant so much to us, and I know each ShindelRock team member and client who came in contact with her will remember her fondly. 

When I think of Gayle, I will always remember meeting her on my first day at ShindelRock ten years ago. I felt like everyone else who starts a new job, totally lost.  I didn’t know how things were done, what the proper protocols were, or even what to do about lunch.  But this was where Gayle stepped in.  She made sure I knew what I was doing and where I was going.  She helped me when I struggled and gave encouragement when I needed it.  This is what she always was for me and others here–she helped us be the best professionals and people we could be.

She was always the glue that held the office together.  She gave us words (and emails) of encouragement during the thick of tax season.  She made sure everyone was treated fairly.  She helped shape the open and honest atmosphere at our office that is so important to us today.  She has left a lasting impression on our company that I will never forget.

Our prayers and deep sympathies are with her husband, Frank, and the rest of her family.  She will always be in our thoughts and always be a part of this firm.  Visitation for Gayle will be held Saturday at 1pm with a service following at 2pm:



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