Holiday pay questions? Here are some answers…

‘Tis the season for employees to enjoy some deserved time off with friends and family.  However, as an employer, you may have some questions regarding your employees compensated time off, such as:

  1. Do we have to provide paid holidays?
  2. Can we require employees to complete an introductory period before becoming eligible for holiday pay?
  3. Can we require employees to work on holidays?
  4. Do we owe nonexempt employees overtime if they work on holidays?
  5. If an employee works 40 hours in a week and then takes a paid holiday, do we owe the employee overtime?
  6. What if an employee is on FMLA leave when a holiday occurs? Should they receive holiday pay?
  7. How do we pay nonexempt employees who work a compressed workweek, working four days a week, ten hours a day? Should these employees receive holiday pay if the holiday falls on a day that they are not scheduled to work?

This article from PayScale provides answers to these questions.  If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will help.