Getting retirement benefits abroad: What you need to know

If you plan on retiring overseas, it may still be possible to receive your retirement benefits while living abroad. Here’s what the Social Security website advises:

  • If you’ve worked in both the United States and another country, it may be possible for your credits to combine for a larger benefit. Currently, there are 25 countries with such international agreements with the United States. To find out if you have qualifying work in a country with such an agreement, visit
  • To find out whether you can receive your benefits in the country where you are retiring, you should use our Payments Abroad Screening Tool at
  • There are easy ways to get in touch and report changes to Social Security if you live overseas. You can contact your local U.S. embassy, write by mail, or call us at 1-800-772-1213. You can find other information in regards to living overseas at