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CPA vs. TurboTax: The value of an inquisitive mind

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It’s tax season, which means millions of Americans are evaluating their tax return preparation options and deciding which strategy is best for their individual scenario.  For many, selecting a tax preparation software service like TurboTax might seem like the best option.  The price to file can be low and it feels more guided than hand-writing the forms from the library.  But preparing your taxes is more than just an exercise of entering data on to the right forms.  One of the biggest advantages to having a seasoned CPA prepare your taxes is the access to their years of knowledge and experience and having someone at your side who does more than just enter the numbers.   A software package can’t extrapolate beyond programmed questions to find hidden deductions and financial implications you may not be aware of, like college savings vehicles for your children, post or pre-tax IRA deductions, or business and personal tax interactions.  A program cannot “think” or inquire, let alone advise, about important issues that go beyond taxes such as analyzing disability and life insurance needs, exploring what benefits are offered at work and how to utilize them most effectively, review whether or not you should refinance, and a myriad of other financial matters.

 ShindelRock brings decades of knowledge and experience to the tax return process.  Let our inquisitive and analytical minds evaluate tax relief and financial planning scenarios specific to you.