Congratulations Maria, named to Accounting Today’s 2013 “Managing Partner Elite” list!

20120917.shindelrock._dsc9212Maria Montie, CPA, CVA, CFFA, MST, has been named to Accounting Today’s 2013 “MP Elite” list, recognizing the country’s best accounting firm leaders, from firms of all sizes, highlighting the skills and strategies it takes to lead an organization to success in the 21st century.  Montie, managing partner of ShindelRock in Novi, Mich., is one of the first three women to be honored by the magazine.

Accounting Today reports that the honorees all display a similar set of characteristics (see list below), but they don’t display them all to the same degree. Some are more given to planning, while others devote their energy to looking after their staff, and still others rely heavily on entrepreneurial drive. In turn, their primary characteristics drive the environment and culture of their firms.

But at base, they all display some of the following traits:

They have a plan. Even if they haven’t developed a formal written strategy, great firm leaders know exactly where they want to take their firms. Of course, the best of the best then write it down and share it with everyone, so they can all make the journey together.

They’re entrepreneurial and pioneering. While they do exist, it’s rare to find a successful firm leader who doesn’t want to explore new niches or practice areas or even whole new models of business. And they’re never afraid to try new things.

They value their people. And not just because people are hard to come by these days – great leaders know that great firms need great people no matter what the job market looks like.

They value technology. They recognize that IT is the single-most important factor in keeping their firm efficient and profitable, and that without it, they can’t succeed.

They don’t manage; they lead. Great managers make the most of the current situation; great leaders make a new situation.

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