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Client Service Words to Live By, Even During Busy Times


[1]“What comes out of you when you are squeezed is what’s inside you.” – Wayne Dyer

Have you ever felt so pushed to meet a client or customer deadline that you simply went through the motions to finish the engagement, not putting forth your best effort?

Have you ever met with a client or customer during a peak time and looked back afterward only to regret your actions – whether it was not giving them your undivided attention, not explaining a situation as clearly as possible, or not taking the time to find out “what’s new?”

Unfortunately, it happens to all of us. We get busy and distracted, especially during high-demand times. Our actions do not align with what we stand for or what we have promised. The harsh reality is this – your words and actions, or lack of them, can compromise all you have done to develop the “Trusted Business Advisor” relationship you have with your clients. No matter what vision and values you have outlined for your practice, they are meaningless unless you can demonstrate them each day.

If building a client or customer-focused business is on the top of your list, outline specifics:

To build a dream business, it is important to identify what is involved in bringing your vision and values to life, no matter what the situation, or what time of year.  Your ability to then deliver on them will separate you from the pack.