Litigation Support

Applying financial facts to complex legal problems is often an important piece of a successful litigation or arbitration engagement. ShindelRock’s litigation support team offers attorneys and their clients a team of certified fraud, forensic, and valuation experts who can dissect and effectively communicate the financial aspects of the case to attorneys, the client, and the judge or jury if necessary.

Once the ShindelRock team is brought into a case, we define the financial issues and assist with discovery requests. A careful review of various information, such as financial statements, industry research and personal interviews, allows us to create a model which best reflects the realities of the case. We communicate this information to the legal team in a concise format and help them understand its ramifications. We also assist with the analysis of opposing counsel’s expert witness’ reports and depositions, and help prepare court exhibits. If a settlement is proposed, we assist in negotiations and assess the tax ramifications of potential outcomes. If the case goes to trial, each individual on our team is capable, confident, and experienced in testifying on the witness stand. Since every case is unique, our years of litigation support experience ensure that we bring valuable financial insight and clarity to even the most complex disputes.

A typical litigation support assignment might involve calculating the economic loss resulting from a breach of contract or tracking the income stream from an estranged spouse’s business. What is not so typical is ShindelRock’s complete dedication to the case and its fair outcome.